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A step-by-step tutorial

Declutter your own wardrobe

We wear less than 20% of our wardrobes

When asked, our clients revealed that they wore only 10% or less of their wardrobes in 2022. A Harper’s Bazaar January 2023 article similarly quoted that we only wear around 20% of our closet.

Statistically we own an average of 150 pieces in of clothing. All of these excess items are taking up valuable cupboard real estate and making it a challenge when deciding what to wear.

After many years of experience in curating a variety of closet spaces for clients, Your Style PA has gained valuable insights on what we need from our clothes.


Frequent problems we face when it comes to deciding what to wear:
Getting dressed: Struggling to choose an outfit in the morning.
Clutter: You love to shop, or used to, and now own a lot of clothes.
You’ve changed size: You own clothes which don't fit you anymore.
Lifestyle: You’ve had a lifestyle change and your everyday closet is not compatible.  
Shopping: You struggle with shopping for clothes and aren't sure which brands to shop. 

If you can relate to any of the above points, then you could be in need of a Spring detox.

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Learn how to detox your clothes as Your Style PA takes you through the process of effectively organising your clothing and accessories, learn a new skill, rediscover your personal style, and how to spend less money over time.

Pooja has implemented her own Autumn / Winter capsule which seasonally comprises of just 35 pieces.

Less is more: Pooja's capsule works for her even when attending London Fashion week shows, presenting, or attending events. You can utilise the same reliable techniques in your own closet.

Challenge yourself and a friend to work on your 2023 style goals using Your Style PA’s tried and tested methods:

Outfit building with the aim of finding your core staples.

Re-discovering your personal style through your existing pieces.

The process and methods for decluttering effectively.

Get circular: restyle, repurpose and re-wear.

Practical advice: Make decisions to create lasting changes.

Save money: Make your capsule pieces work harder so that you buy less in the long run.

Display tips - create a beautiful, stylish space so you feel inspired.

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The course has been designed with those in mind who want to curate their wardrobe by themselves. It is also suited to budding personal stylists who want to deepen their understanding and take their learning to a new level. Whatever your reason for joining us, the course promises to be an inspiration to nourish your creativity and help build a sustainable foundation for you to build on.

What is included?

Live Video Course: A 1 hour 15 minutes interactive live course with Your Style PA.

A Q&A session after the course

The course notes will be provided for your reference including additional resources and recommendations. 

A style guide: Our parting gift includes a detailed style guide for each participant. You will be sent Your Style PA’s ultimate style tips, including eco-friendly ways to care for your clothes. 

Course dates:

Tuesday 4th April @7.45pm - 9pm GMT

Tuesday 11th April @7.45pm - 9pm GMT



The course is priced at £49

Buy Tuesday 4th April Tickets Here

Buy Tuesday 11th April Tickets Here

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