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Whether you need a full wardrobe detox, a curated capsule wardrobe, or you want to discover more about eco friendly fashion, there is a recipe to cater for your wardrobe needs.


Pooja was one of my top discoveries for 2023! 


I’ve always loved my clothes but  wasn’t feeling particularly happy with my wardrobe each morning when I went to get dressed. Having come across Pooja, I explained that I had already cleared out my wardrobe, but I wanted to help assembling outfits from what I did have, and then plugging the gaps for the missing pieces. 


She met the brief perfectly on both fronts, first coming to my house to assemble outfits, photograph me in them and make a list of the missing items. And then through a brilliant shopping session where she had done a ‘pre- shop’ so as soon as we arrived in the shop, the items were quickly put in a fitting room ready for me to try on. 


What I hadn’t realised was how useful all of the other parts of the service would be. For example, her analysis of my body shape was incredibly insightful, and made me understand why I have always felt better in some shapes than others. Now it’s easier for me to have the confidence to quickly rule out something that is just not going work on me! I’ve also understood some of my shopping habits which don’t serve me. For example I’ve realised the importance of building up staples that help to pull outfits together, rather than always being attracted to sequins and bright colours & patterns! 


Above all, Pooja has a wonderful energy, and it’s a joy to spend time with her. I’m already looking forward to seeing her again in the New Year to plan my spring / summer wardrobe!

Jennie Stoddart-Scott

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